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Tailormade Travel
to India

If you're looking for your own authentic Indian adventure, then we can help you. With nearly two decades of experience in planning bespoke India itineraries, we can create a journey that fits with your interests and dreams to any location within India. All of the prices of our suggested tailormade itineraries as featured here are based on two people sharing. They also include international return economy flights, all private transfers, experiences and hotels. These routings are very much for inspiration, and we can completely tailor a journey just for you.


North India

Colourful bazaars, noisy car horns and the smell of spices – this is the India that many think of when the country first comes to mind. Here in North India these images become reality and provide the quintessential experience for both the first timer and the seasoned traveller. Whether you’re looking for enchanting Rajasthani palaces in the cities of Jaipur and Jodhpur, vivid temple ceremonies in Amritsar or the snow-capped mountains of Himachal Pradesh, this region of India offers it all and more. 

Image by Darklabs India

Mughal Gems

& Hidden Countryside

11 nights


Travel through Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh on a discovery of Mughal history and stroll through peaceful countryside. Often forgotten in itineraries, here you will find the bustling city of Lucknow with it's outsized monuments and world-famous food. As you leave the city behind, the serene countryside will welcome you with it's tranquility and surprising local encounters. 

From - £2,450 per person

Image by Ivy Aralia Nizar

Rural Rajasthan Discovery

13 nights



Explore the enchanting rural side to Rajasthan, where colourful sari's intertwine with the greenery of the crop fields. There are many hidden towns and boutique hotels here where visitors get a glimpse beyond the cities. For wildlife lovers, the king of the jungle can also be found here in Ranthambhore National Park.

From - £2,750 per person

Image by manjeet singh

Northern Spiritual Journey


9 nights


Traverse across the western foothills to discover the spiritual cities that make this corner of India so special. Every stop uncovers a new cultural world, where religions surprise travellers with enthralling devotion and celebration. The evening ceremony at the Golden Temple in Amritsar and the colourful Ganga Aarti in Haridwar are sure to stay in mind forever. 

From - £2,395 per person

East India

Dominated by the mega-city of Kolkata, East India attracts those seeking an alternative Indian experience. This region of India offers the unexpected: witnessing the Goddess Durga being immersed into the River Hooghly, tracking Royal Bengal tigers in the mangroves and staying in an 18th-century former royal palace in Odisha. If you can, venturing away from the well known areas will surprise you with breath taking scenery, ancient monasteries as well as the chance to encounter indigenous tribal communities.

Image by Subhro Vision

City Life

& Mangrove Forests

9 nights



Travel east to the mega city of Kolkata, with it's colonial-era architecture and mouth watering cuisine. Here, whilst life moves at a fast pace with bustling bazaars and colourful celebrations, it still retains the title of being one of India's most friendliest cities. Continue the journey to the Sundarbans, home to a mystical network of semi-submerged mangroves and a large concentration of Royal Bengal Tigers. 

From - £2,900 per person

Image by Claire Kelly

Darjeeling &

Mountain Monasteries

10 nights


Travel north up through the eastern foothills to the emerald-green tea plantations of Darjeeling, the quintessential Indian hill station. Enjoy a ride on the traditional 'toy train' as it chugs through the hills before settling in for evening drinks at a heavenly plantation retreat. Don't miss the enchanting spiritual monasteries nor the unforgettable sunrise over Kanchenjunga.

From - £2,750 per person

Image by Karunakar Mohanta




11 nights


For the seasoned India traveller, Odisha is the perfect undiscovered region, complete with archaeological masterpieces and intricate handicrafts. After touring Kolkata, travel through the state and stay in an 18th century palace before exploring holy temples and the caves of Bhubaneswar. Finish the journey by the coast in Puri, one of Hinduism's most spiritual pilgrimage sites. 

From - £3,325 per person

Central India

Step into the pages of the Jungle Book as you discover the wild forests of Central India. Here you can explore the jungle in search of the famous tigers, as well as the less well known wildlife such as the sloth bear and striped hyena. In addition, a hidden detour into the heartland of the country will take you to uncover untouched spiritual towns and village communities, waiting to be explored. 

Image by Hans Veth

Hidden Spiritual Towns & Tigers

13 nights


Travel deep into the central heartland of India to discover a wild trio of national parks, each one offering nature lovers a chance to go in search of the nation's tigers. Tadoba, Pench and Satpura are often less busy than other tiger parks which can make game drives a more peaceful experience. To complement the journey, the culturally rich towns of Maheshwar and Mandu help to blow off the safari dust. 

From - £3,350 per person

Image by Varun Pyasi

The Heart &

Wildlife of India

12 nights


Travel from the north of the country into the centre to experience a journey of two halves. Start the trip with the classic experiences in Delhi and Agra before exploring the more untouched historical town of Orchha along with the famous UNESCO temples of Khajuraho. To round off the journey, spend time exploring nature on game drives through Panna and Bandhavgarh National Parks. 

From - £2,650 per person

Image by Srusti Valakamadinni

Ancient Ruins & Architectural Wonders


9 nights


For the serious India traveller, travelling off-beat in the central region of Telegana and Karnataka is a rewarding adventure. Historically rich, the journey will give travellers a glimpse into 15th-17th century life, with incredible architecture and a plethora of fascinating stories from a bygone era. To top off the heritage experience, the journey ends with a visit to the ancient scattered ruins of Hampi.

From - £2,850 per person

South India

​South India provides a myriad of opportunity with its spectacular temple architecture, serene backwaters and rolling tea hills. A trip to this region may be filled with countless immersive experiences, from traditionally colourful temples to meeting locals in one of the world's oldest living cities. You can take things slow with a visit to Puducherry's stylish boutiques and delicious patisseries or walk through the lush greenery of Kerala. For the more adventurous, a journey to the legendary beaches of the Andaman Islands is unforgettable.​

Image by Melissa Kumaresan

Temple Towns of

Tamil Nadu

10 nights



Journey through the historical cities and towns of Tamil Nadu, exploring the devotion and celebration of the Hindu religion. Witness age-old traditions in spectacular temples and spend time exploring opulent Chettinadu mansions before settling down for an authentic feast on a banana leaf. The chic lifestyle boutiques and cafes of Puducherry are also a real highlight. 

From - £2,250 per person

Image by Sukanya Basu

Sandalwood South

& Beach

11 nights



Travel through the compelling region of Karnataka and northern Kerala where historic sites sit side by side with wild jungles and coffee plantations. This is a unique exploration of the south, away from the busier locations associated with this half of India. This journey offers visitors the perfect combination of culture, nature and coastal relaxation.

From - £2,695 per person

Image by Meriç Dağlı

A Quiet Keralan



10 nights


Leave the hustle and bustle behind and travel to one of India's most picturesque states. Rather than follow the usual circuit, take a slower path and enjoy small boutique hotels and hidden landscapes. This journey through 'God's Own Country' is the perfect antidote to a busy lifestyle and really does allow for pure escapism with a touch of adventure. 

From - £2,450 per person

West India

Follow the bright lights of Bollywood and they will lead you to Mumbai, the beating heart of India, with it’s melting pot of cultures and extreme energy. Outside of the city, the west side of the country also offers intrepid visitors a glimpse at some exquisite treasures in the state of Gujarat, ranging from India’s finest textiles to sacred Hindu and Jain pilgrimage sites. Life can also be easy going here, and many tired travellers enjoy concluding their trip with a few days by the beach under the Goan palm trees. ​

Image by Vivek Sharma

Beach &

The Metropolis

11 nights


Travel to the western coast of India for a journey of contrasts. Start by exploring the melting pot of Mumbai, where the chaos can overwhelm yet still enchant you. For something a little more peaceful, travel further south to the laid back vibes of Goa for golden sunsets and historical Portuguese architecture. This is the trip that gives the best of both worlds and more. 

From - £2,545 per person

Image by Onkarphoto

Complete Gujarat Journey

14 nights


Often forgotten by travellers, the vibrant state of Gujarat is one of the regions that more than deserves a visit. From tribal communities and their exquisite textiles, to the Asiatic Lions in Gir National Park, Gujarat offers visitors a huge variety of experiences. The journey is comprehensive stopping at many enthralling locations but can be slowed and adapted as required. 

From - £3550 per person

IMG_7218 2.HEIC

Gujarat's Textile treasures


12 nights



India is the quintessential land of textiles, from simple hand woven fabrics to elaborately embroidered cloth, the range of textiles and craftsmanship found in the country is unparalleled. For those looking to deepen their knowledge of India's textile heritage then Gujarat is a must visit. From the communities in the Banni Grasslands who create intricate embroidery, to the master weavers of Bhujodi, this journey is unforgettable.

From - £2,550 per person

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