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Textile and Cultural
Small Group Tours

If you would prefer to travel to India in a group with likeminded individuals, then you may wish to consider joining one of our escorted trips. With over a decade worth of first-hand India travel planning experience, Siân curates and escorts small groups on carefully designed journeys across different regions of the country.


Each group journey has been curated with a real focus on authentic textile and craft experiences and with a chance to encounter insightful experts and hosts along the way. We allow our guests to immerse themselves in the culture and life of India, while getting the chance to soak up textiles, crafts and other cultural highlights along the way. ​Most of our groups are small with no more than 6-10 people and our chosen accommodation includes the best small boutiques and independent owner run hotels. 


Delhi & Rajasthan

Explore the traditional crafts and textiles of Rajasthan on this small curated group where we will journey through Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur and the rural countryside. We will have the chance to meet with expert artisans, including block printers, bangle makers, tie dyers and dhurrie weavers. Learn about traditional textiles with visits to museums and creative houses as well as trying your hand at some traditional crafts yourself.

We have also designed the trip to show you India away from the generic tourist excursions so that you can enjoy a true authentic journey . Some of the immersive experiences include enjoying a home cooked meal with an family of artisans, a walk through hidden corners of Jaipur to find local craft makers, an e-rickshaw tour with a woman-led NGO and a chance to experience life in a rural village.



2nd - 13th April 2024

From £2,150 per person  

*Fully Booked*



During the journey, we will get to stay in small intimate properties that are owner run. This will enable us to really get under the skin of the area, with opportunities to interact with the hosts and experience true authentic Indian hospitality. One of the highlights includes a stay in a 300 year old fort in the middle of the beautiful rural countryside, surrounded by local villages. 

Mumbai & Gujarat

Travel off the beaten path on this small curated group where we will journey through the mega city of Mumbai and into the villages and salt tinted landscapes of Gujarat. We will have the opportunity to meet with artisan communities where some of India's finest textiles are produced. From embroidery, tie dye and block printing, to weaving and fabric painting - we will unravel the textile treasures from this corner of India.  

We always believe in designing our tours to show guests unique corners of the country which are not always on the main tourist trail. Some of the immersive experiences on this tour include seeing where cotton is grown, before it is then hand woven by a local community. A visit to a Mumbai bazaar to see women shopping for spice mixes using secret family recipes, as well as meeting with embroiders from the village communities in the Banni Grasslands.



24th Feb - 8th Mar 2024 

From £2,750 per person

*Fully Booked*

13th Jan - 26th Jan 2025 

From £3,275 per person

*Fully Booked*



During the tour, we will stay in a variety of accommodation, including a bustling city hotel with panoramic views of the ocean, a former ancestral palace and one of India's premier boutique heritage hotel's. Each property brings a new perspective on our journey, with charming staff, quirky interiors, comfortable rooms and a chance to sample some of the delicious local cuisine. 

Tamil Nadu & Kerala

Journey through the historical cities and towns of Tamil Nadu, as we explore the devotion and celebration of this incredible region . During our tour, we will witness age-old traditions in spectacular temples and marvel at incredible architecture that dates back over one thousand years. We will also spend time exploring opulent Chettinadu mansions, dine on mouthwatering cuisine and wander the pretty mustard hued streets of the French Quarter in Pondicherry. We will then end the tour in Kerala, known for its lush greenery, diverse landscapes, and unique cultural heritage.

As we tie together the long history and traditions of this region, the tour will also focus on the unique craftsmanship that can be found in this corner of India. From bronze casting, tile making and sari weaving to natural dyes and embroidery, we will hear the stories of South India's most experienced artisans. 



21st Oct - 2nd Nov 2024 

From £3,595 per person

*Fully Booked*

October 2025

Details TBC

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During the journey, we will stay in a diverse range of accommodation including a luxurious historical hotel in the bustling city of Chennai, along with a couple of charming boutique hotels located in Pondicherry and Chettinad. We will also get to stay in a 75- year old plantation bungalow surrounded by lush greenery where we can soak up traditional Keralan life.

A Journey Around The Golden Triangle

In collaboration with The Art of Process
Curated and hosted by Siân Warren & Stephanie June Ellis

Join us on a unique art exhibition tour to India, where we will journey around the iconic Golden Triangle. Soaking up many highlights of the region, the tour will focus on visiting some of the country's most impressive Mughal and Rajput architecture. Throughout the trip, exclusive art workshops will be conducted in unique locations with Stephanie, who is a renowned international artist, mentor, author and leading specialist in geometric and biomorphic patterns. 

Along with getting immersed in the history and art of the temples, tombs and palaces, we will also take a fascinating exploration into what makes India so intoxicating to visitors. Offering a variety of experiences from block printing, an auto rickshaw ride with a women-led NGO and a visit to one of the country's oldest bustling bazaars, this tour will give you the perfect introduction to India's diverse and complex cultural identity.

Drawing (1).png


3rd - 14th March 2025

From £2,660 per person 

*Bookings Open - 6 places left available*

Fatehpur Sikri (1).jpeg


Humayun's Tomb - Delhi

Jama Masjid - Delhi

Agra Fort - Agra

Taj Mahal - Agra 

Itmad-ud-daulah - Agra

Fatehpur Sikri

Amber Fort - Jaipur

City Palace - Jaipur

Tour Testimonials

 "It was my first trip to India and travelling on my own I wasn’t sure what to expect. I needn’t have worried as Sian and Tuhina’s organisation,

knowledge and attention to detail and their kindness was above and beyond. My trip was everything I’d dreamed of and more. I can’t recommend South Asia Uncovered highly enough."

peacoack b.png

Kate Sleeman

"I can't recommend Sian highly enough.. the attention to detail and understanding of the way the country works is what sets her apart from the previous company that I used. The hotels selected, were handpicked and charming. The organised experiences, which are what she excels at, were fully immersive and inspiring."

peacoack b.png

Jo Burnett

Having just returned from the second of my journeys with South Asia Uncovered I am confirmed in my view that the curated tours they offer to different areas of India are completely unique and exceptional. It was an awe-inspiring, joyous, life enhancing trip, literally never to be forgotten.

peacoack b.png

Sue Buswell


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