Where to celebrate Holi Festival in 2022

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

We may not be able to visit India right now, but it’s a great time to start thinking about your trip for next year. As we have time to plan in advance, I would recommend seizing the opportunity to plan a visit to experience the spectacular and colourful festival of Holi.

Most people would have seen the famous images of coloured powders being thrown but why not go and experience the fun for yourself!

The ‘festival of colours’ is one of the key celebrations in the Hindu culture, which is based around the downfall of the demoness Holika and signifies the good prevailing over evil. The festival is typically started with the Holika Dahan ceremony, which involves lighting a bonfire that symbolizes the final battle with Lord Vishnu. Most Hindu festivals mark the end of seasons, with Holi marking the end of winter and the start of spring. To help welcome in spring and the triumph of good over evil, the festival is famously marked with the throwing of coloured powder and water onto each other. Everyone comes together and the celebrations are filled with excitement and frenzy!

As with many Indian festivals, the dates vary from one year to the next and for 2022, the festival will be celebrated on 17th-18th March.

Visiting India during Holi is a memorable experience, and certainly one of my favourite times to be in the country – especially in Rajasthan when the festival can be enjoyed in all it’s vibrancy. For Holi first timers, one of my personal recommendations is to celebrate in one of the many wonderful and intimate properties, where you can enjoy the festivities in a safe environment, whilst still enjoying the immersive nature of the festival. Some of these properties include Royal Heritage Haveli and Khas Bagh in Jaipur along with the heritage retreat Shahpura Bagh located in the heart of the rural Rajasthan countryside. For something extra special that is sure to stay in your memory forever, then I can also arrange for you to witness the Holika Dahan ceremony in the City Palace in Jaipur.

Many of the smaller properties tend to sell out in advance over Holi, therefore I do suggest planning with good time. If you would like some ideas of where to celebrate or simply want some more inspiration - just drop me a message or call 020 8064 1703.

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