Peaceful post-pandemic retreats

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

We’ve all felt the humdrum of life in the pandemic. Another day at home, another series finished on Netflix. The past year has not gone as expected, it definitely wasn’t the plan we all hoped for when the midnight fireworks rang in the start of 2020.

Slowly we can see the light through the tunnel, it may seem distant but it’s definitely there. There are so many things that we have missed during this time that soon it will be possible for us to revisit those things once again. One of the biggest pleasures of life that we easily took for granted was travel. We were privileged enough to be able to jump on a plane and travel where we wanted, whenever we wanted. Now that the possibility of travel is coming back, we want it but in a different meaningful way.

After a year of being glued to our electronic devices, now is the time to put them away and connect with the real world and get lost in nature’s embrace. Across India there are some incredible properties that can help you get reacquainted with the beauty of life. Put down the social media and the decline those online video chats, now is the time to plan your post pandemic escape.

Quiet by the River

A new addition to the fabulous CGH Earth hotel brand, Quiet by the River is the ultimate escape away from the fatigue of modern life. Located in the wild forests of Kerala, you travel to the property by jeep before swapping into a country canoe. Once in the canoe, you will continue the journey up the Periyar River before disembarking onto an untouched island that boasts 47 acres of natural beauty.

Here you can enjoy life staying inside your own cottage, which is styled on a traditional Keralan home. Listen to the sounds of the forest on your own private verandah or enjoy one of the exciting experiences that the hotel can provide. Highlights include a night walk to discover the nocturnal inhabitants of the forest, along with a chance to go swimming in the natural pools in the river that surround the property. Enjoying the scrumptious food with a good book in hand is also the perfect activity.

Quiet by the River can easily be reached from the city of Kochi. Start your trip with a few days of exploration in the city before escaping to Quiet by the River. An extended trip through Kerala is highly recommended, but as a starting point, 3 nights in Kochi and 4 nights at Quiet by River costs from £985 per person (which includes both hotels with breakfast and all meals at Quiet by the River, private experiences in both locations and private transfers).

Evolve Back Chikkana Halli Estate

Located in the heart of India's coffee growing region, Evolve Back Chikkana Halli Estate is a luxurious hideaway where you can truly escape life's fast pace. The area of Coorg is a beautiful spot, high in the Western Ghats where each morning sunrise is accompanied by the choir of birds who welcome the new day.

The estate itself is a lush paradise, with elegant villas spread across the coffee and spice plantation in clusters. Depending on which villa you choose, all offer their own private pool with carefully designed living and sleeping spaces. You can easily spend time taking things slow whilst enjoying the beautiful surroundings or take the chance to try one of the exciting experiences as offered by the property. Some of the highlights in the region include taking a traditional coracle boat ride on the river along with visiting the nearby fascinating Tibetan settlement of Bylakuppe.

Evolve Back Chikkana Estate can be reached from the main flight hub of Bangalore. We would recommend pairing your stay with a visit to the culturally rich city of Mysore which is also within easy reach and can make for an exciting trip of contrasts. As a starting point, 2 nights in Mysore, 4 nights in Evolve Back and 1 night in Bangalore costs from £1,150 per person (which includes all hotels with breakfasts and all meals at Evolve Back, private experiences in Mysore and Coorg and private transfers).

Contact us for itinerary suggestions or for more information.

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